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This is the Power Pod 360 Jr. speaker and it is really rad okay

It’s a vibration speaker, meaning it uses vibrations to amplify audio instead of just a regular speaker. It comes with a usb power cable, or it takes two AAA batteries. You plug the headphone jack end into whatever you want, an iPod, laptop, computer, phone, etc. and then stick the speaker pad onto anything. ANYTHING. The pad vibrates and whatever surface you attached it to will too. 

Stick it to a window to fill a room with music, stick it to your desk, your coffee mug, a cardboard box (cardboard amplifies it a LOT), a mint tin, anything! Hollow objects work especially well, however smaller things tend to vibrate too strongly and add an unwanted buzzing to it. But it’s still super cool. 

And the best part is, people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing should definitely check this out, as the vibrations transfer into surfaces, even when the volume is low. The beat and melody of the song is still identifiable in the vibrations, making it really helpful for enjoying music. Try sticking it to your hand or chest too!

This is just the ‘junior’ version of the other speaker, and just the one that I have. It’s really cool, and about $20 on Amazon. It works really well and is really fun to just play with! Check it out!